Complete immersion for 10 full days


of Practical and Extensive Pickup Training

Love System’s flagship live training program 

The Love Systems 10-day bootcamp plays host to some of the world’s best dating coaches, many of whom are being flown in specifically to teach a unique and comprehensive 10 day bootcamp.

A bootcamp unlike any other pickup training experience.

Forever after this event your life will be defined in two halves: pre 10 day experience, and post 10 day experience as Love Systems opens it doors to you and delivers almost everything we have ever painstakingly developed. For 10 days and nights, you will be taught at length and in-depth from the very beginner methods of how to open correctly, to the most advanced material of how to get same night lays, how to hook up and date celebrities, and everything in between. By the end you will be fully prepped and armed with everything you need to have complete freedom of choice in your dating life. Never before has this much collective knowledge and extensive experience been offered to students.

As you read this, the lives of 5 lucky students have been selected to be transformed this summer through a program known globally as Project Rockstar. This is a very special nine week total life transformation program sponsored by Love Systems and run by Venture and Sterling, top Love Systems instructors. Each year hundreds apply to be selected, only 5 make it. Many of those 5 often go on to become Love Systems instructors, all go on to live much better lives enriched through the experience of the Project that sees top experts across many fields come together to shape their future. This year, we are offering 10 members of the public the opportunity to be taught the same curriculum specially prepared for Project Rockstar and to taste the Rockstar life while they partake in this unique and special bootcamp.

If you’ve attended a bootcamp before…

You already know what a life changing experience that can be. You will have already born witness to the incredible transformation that is possible regardless of your previous experiences with women or station in life. You will know the ease with which the instructors naturally attract the most beautiful women using the very principles they teach and you will already have experienced the amazing results the individualized guidance and training the infield section delivers. But this special and epic event will amaze even you. For 10 days and nights you will be completely immersed within the Love Systems methodology and the principles behind them, you will live and breathe “game” and you will come out the other end armed with everything you could ever need to naturally attract the highest quality women.

If this is your first experience with a Love Systems bootcamp then there is no place better to start. Our standard 3-day bootcamps cover everything you need to have complete freedom of choice in your dating life and is described by students as a life changing experience. The 10-day bootcamp ups the ante and is designed to take you from a raw beginner to a true master, covering almost everything there is to know about pickup from the very basics, which are covered in greater detail, to the advanced principles of inner game and the methods behind same night lays and relationships/sex and heaps more that we just cannot fit into the 3 days of a regular bootcamp.

You will not only learn the theory, but for 5 nights and 2 days you will gain the experience of a lifetime by hitting the clubs, bars, streets and shopping malls with with top notch Love Systems instructors who will tweak your skills until you’re seamlessly attracting the girls you want.

Why Attend?

This 10 day event is designed to completely transform your ability to meet and seduce women. No other bootcamp offers this much knowledge and practical training so that not only can you understand what you’ve been taught, but more importantly, apply everything you have learnt out in the real world to enjoy amazing success with women. By the time you leave you will have everything you need to ensure you live a life of abundance, surrounded by beautiful women who want you in their life.

  • Learn every technique for meeting girls anytime anywhere from the very basics to the most advanced principles of pickup.
  • Practice all of the techniques from beginner to advanced during the seminars until you get it right.

Then, use your new skills out in the bars, clubs, streets, and shopping malls to meet beautiful women with the world’s greatest pick up artists as your wingmen while they coach and tweak your every nuance to turn you into a true master.

5 Top Reasons


During this unique bootcamp Love Systems is opening its doors and inviting you to learn almost every technique and principle we have ever developed on pickup. We will cover all of the fundamentals in greater depth than usually possible to ensure you have them mastered. Then, you will be taught the most advanced skills normally reserved as stand alone seminars or bootcamps including Relationships/Sex, Same Night Lays, Daygame, and Inner Game as well as some completely new material never before taught.


I read and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. – Confuscious. Whilst he may not have had pick up in mind when he wrote that, it’s a phrase that is particularly apt for mastering this area of your life. In this special 10 day bootcamp you will spend night after night infield, learning through doing, under the watchful eye of our expert instructors. Imagine having the world’s best pickup artists as your wingmen, well for 10 nights that’s what you’ll have. You will gain valuable coaching for 5 nights of dedicated infield training, and an additional 5 nights of hanging out with the instructors and students of Project Rockstar. And it doesn’t stop with just nights, you’ll be hitting the streets to learn through practice on how to meet girls anytime, anywhere. You will witness how the experts pickup the most beautiful girls in any venue with complete ease, and then do it yourself as your instructors tweak every nuance of your game.

10 Days!

This bootcamp is about complete immersion in game theory and applied practice. You will live and breathe Love Systems methodology for 10 days and nights, being taught and trained by the best in the world. Our regular bootcamps last 3 days and the reviews of those are overwhelming with praise such as “you have completely changed my life”. Take a moment to read some of those here and then imagine how much better you could be if you give us 10 days of your life.

All skill levels!

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, from the complete novice who has never approached a girl in his life to the seasoned infield veteran, this bootcamp will take you to a whole new level of superiority over your dating life. You will witness your own transformation as you are taught every little nuance of the basics, right through to mastery of the most advanced skill sets in pickup. Nor does it matter where you want to get to, be it to find that one true love, or date a model, or sleep with as many girls as possible, this bootcamp is for everyone.

Never before and possibly never again!

We only offer the 10-day on a very limited basis, and usually just once a year in conjunction with Project Rockstar. In putting together this bootcamp, we have pulled together the collective experience of the best instructors in the world. Because of the massive amount of talent required, it is uncertain if the bootcamp will be offered again.

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